Atlanta Rejects Demands for Police Cuts, Raises Budget


Monday, June 21, 2021 - 7:34am

One year ago this month, protests filled Atlanta streets daily after the police killings of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta. Pushing for changes to Atlanta’s police budget, over a thousand residents sent comments into the City Council. Facing a June 30 deadline to pass the budget, the council discussed temporarily withholding $73 million of the Atlanta Police Department’s budget while the city considered changes to the way it polices. The effort failed on an 8-7 vote. This year, the day the council voted on the budget, there were many fewer public comments. The council passed the budget unanimously, and rather than withholding funding from police, the city increased the department’s budget seven percent to over $230 million, a $15 million increase that represented the biggest boost awarded to any department, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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