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Chicago Homicide Total This Year Tops 800

By Wednesday, Chicago has seen 812 people die by homicide, five percent more than last year through that date. With two weeks remaining in 2021, the homicide count is already higher than any year since 1996, WBEZ Chicago reports. The homicides, most carried out with guns, began to surge in the spring of 2020 after the pandemic’s arrival. Violence intensified after George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police. Police Superintendent.

More Cities Hitting Homicide Records This Year

Austin, one of the nation's fastest-growing cities, is nearing the end of its deadliest year on record in 2021 as cities nationwide are experiencing a rise in homicides and gun violence that began last year. Fueled by what both authorities and community leaders say is the easy access to guns, Austin has recorded 88 homicides so far this year, shattering the previous high of 59 in 1984, CNN reports. Chris Harris, a member of the Austin Justice Coalition, a community-led organization ad

KC Violence Spike Rooted in Public Health Issues

Over the last week, the Kansas City area has been plagued by a high pace of violence that caused Mayor Quinton Lucas to criticize publicly the city’s approach to violence reduction. Since Nov. 29, 12 people have died and more have been injured in shootings and homicides, the Kansas City Star reports. On Monday, the deadliest day of week-long violence spike, four separate shootings left three people dead and sent three others to hospitals.

'Saturation Patrols' in CA to Fight 'Smash-and-Grab' Attacks

With the holiday shopping season looming, law enforcement agencies are preparing to halt a wave of organized "smash-and-grab" crimes at retailers across the U.S., CNN reports. In Chicago, Los Angeles and other major cities, police departments are increasing patrols at retailers targeted by mobs of thieves. In Northern California, district attorneys formed an alliance to prosecute organized theft rings.

Cook County, Il., Homicide Total Over 1,000 First Time Since 1994

With a month left in 2021, Chicago's Cook County has logged more than 1,000 homicides for the first time in 27 years. As of Tuesday midday, the medical examiner's office had recorded 1,009 murders, 100 more than this time last year, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. The youngest person killed was a 1-month-old boy, the oldest an 84-year-old man. More than half the people murdered were under 30.


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