Deaths in Local Jails Increased Before Pandemic, Federal Study Says

Deaths in local jails totaled 1,200 persons in 2019, a more than five percent increase from 2018 and a 33 percent increase from 2000, reports the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics. The 2019 mortality rate was higher for unconvicted (192 deaths per 100,000 jail inmates) than convicted (112 per 100,000) inmates. In 2019, 636 jail jurisdictions reported at least one death, with 222 reporting two or more deaths.

More States Count Inmates at Their Pre-Prison Addresses

More than a dozen states are changing how they factor inmates in redistricting maps this year, unwinding a longstanding practice dubbed “prison gerrymandering,” NBC reports. The changes were prompted by state and national advocacy over concerns on how mass incarceration and the partisan process of drawing political district lines for elections was affecting people of color in state and local elections, and research that indicated how much communities of color wer

Highest Prison Death Toll in 2018 in Nearly Two Decades

The number of deaths in state prisons in 2018 (4,135 prisoners) and the mortality rate (344 deaths per 100,000 prisoners) were the highest since the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) began collecting mortality data from state prisons in 2001, BJS said in a new report. The number of state prisoners who committed suicide increased 20 percent from 2017 (259) to 2018 (311), the highest number of suicide

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