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Will Race Matter in Jury of Arbery Killing Defendants? CJN October 19, 2021 Homicide
Progressive District Attorneys Refuse to Prosecute GOP-Led Laws CJN October 19, 2021 Prosecutors
Senators Seek 'Robust Funding Increases' For DOJ Ted Gest October 19, 2021 U.S. Department of Justice
Supreme Court Again Favors Police in Qualified Immunity Cases CJN October 19, 2021 :Policing
Portland Homicide Rate at Record High CJN October 19, 2021 Crime Trends
Nebraska Congressman Expects To Be Indicted CJN October 19, 2021 FBI
Emergency Vehicle Sirens May Cause More Harm than Good CJN October 19, 2021 Policing
Haitian Gang Seeks $17 Million Ransom For Kidnapped Missionaries CJN October 19, 2021 International Crime
$25 Million Settlement in Parkland School Shooting CJN October 19, 2021 School Shootings
Trump Sues to Block Disclosure of Jan. 6 Records CJN October 19, 2021 Capitol riot
'Sharp Object,' Not Bow And Arrow, Killed Five in Norway CJN October 19, 2021 International Crime
Gaetz 'Wingman' Gets More Time to Aid Prosecution CJN October 19, 2021 Sex Crime
100 Opinion Polls Offer Three Major Lessons on Policing CJN October 18, 2021 Policing
Race, Self-Defense Focus in Trial Of 3 Men For Killing Ahmaud Arbery CJN October 18, 2021 Homicide
Violent Crime Victimization in U.S. Down 22% Last Year CJN October 18, 2021 Crime Trends
Despite Social Media, Has Police Brutality Declined? CJN October 18, 2021 Social Media
GOP Blocks Most State 'Red Flag' Law Proposals CJN October 18, 2021 Guns
FBI Probes Abduction of U.S. Missionaries in Haiti CJN October 18, 2021 Terrorism
Police Are Asked To Do Too Much, Biden Says CJN October 18, 2021 Policing
No One Tried to Stop Rape on PA Train CJN October 18, 2021 Sex Crime
Chicago, FOP In Court Over COVID-19 Vaccination CJN October 18, 2021 Policing, COVID-19
Biden Backs Bannon Prosecution, DOJ Will Decide CJN October 18, 2021 Capitol riot
Houston Constable Deputy Ambushed, Killed CJN October 18, 2021 Policing
One Killed, Seven Injured In Shooting at LA's Grambling University CJN October 18, 2021 Shootings
Survivor Sues Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse CJN October 18, 2021 Shootings
More Missing Indigenous Women Found As Media Coverage Increases CJN October 15, 2021 Missing Persons
DOJ Can't Handle All The Demands For Police Misconduct Probes CJN October 15, 2021 :Policing
LA Trooper's Job in Jeopardy for Speaking Out Against Misconduct CJN October 15, 2021 Policing
Biden's High Court Panel: Adding Justices 'Isn't a Desirable Goal' CJN October 15, 2021 Supreme Court
House Panel Sets Vote on Bannon Contempt Issue CJN October 15, 2021 Capitol riot
NYC Teen Gets 9-Year-to-Life Term For Killing Barnard Student CJN October 15, 2021 Homicide
'American Sheriff' Follows His Own Law CJN October 15, 2021 Policing
Nikolas Cruz Will Plead Guilty in Parkland, Fl., School Massacre CJN October 15, 2021 School Shootings
Durst Gets Life Without Parole for Murder of Friend CJN October 15, 2021 Homicide
DOJ Making $7M in Grants For Law Enforcement Mental Health CJN October 15, 2021 Policing
'I Don't Feel Free,' McCabe Says After Winning Back Pension CJN October 15, 2021 FBI
Alex Murdaugh Charged In Insurance Settlement Case CJN October 15, 2021 White Collar Crime
Judges, Prosecutors Disagree on Penalties For Capitol Rioters CJN October 14, 2021 Capitol riot
Judge Holds D.C. Jail Officials in Contempt in Capitol Riot Cases CJN October 14, 2021 Jails
'Dominant White Culture' Causes Racial Disparities in Sentencing: Report CJN October 14, 2021 Race and Equity
Survey Shows Prosecutors Should Talk About Unsolved Murders CJN October 14, 2021 Prosecutors
Chicago Police Union Urges Officers to Ignore Vaccine Mandate CJN October 14, 2021 Policing
California Judge Temporarily Blocks Vaccine Order for Prison Employees CJN October 14, 2021 Prisons
Rikers Jail Transfers to Address Staff Shortage CJN October 14, 2021 Jails
Jan. 6 Panel Subpoenas Ex-DOJ Official Jeffrey Clark CJN October 14, 2021 Capitol riot
DOJ Investigating Abuse Into Texas Juvenile Facilities CJN October 14, 2021 Juvenile Justice
Supreme Court Inclined to Restore Boston Bomber's Death Sentence CJN October 14, 2021 Capital Punishment
Democratic Candidates Fleeing 'Defund Police' Ties CJN October 14, 2021 Policing
Five Killed With Bow and Arrow in Norway CJN October 14, 2021 Terrorism
Police Vaccination Rate Lags as Officer Deaths Increase CJN October 13, 2021 Policing
Justices Hear Arguments on Boston Marathon Bomber's Death Sentence CJN October 13, 2021 Terrorism
NJ Officials Say State's Bail Reform Has Worked CJN October 13, 2021 Pretrial Release
Alternative Models for Legalizing Marijuana CJN October 13, 2021 Drugs
Can Elizabeth Holmes Trial Keep 12 Jurors? CJN October 13, 2021 White Collar Crime
Gabby Petito Was Strangled, Coroner Says CJN October 13, 2021 Homicide
TX Capital Murder Case Facing a Retrial Over Antisemitic Judge's Bias CJN October 13, 2021 Judges
Pandemic Aftershocks Push Affluent Migrants to Seek U.S. Refuge CJN October 13, 2021 Immigration
DHS Order Halts ICE Mass Raids on Immigrants' Workplaces CJN October 13, 2021 Immigration
Capitol Rioter Represents Himself in Hearing, Admits Felonies CJN October 13, 2021 Capitol riot
3 Memphis Postal Service Employees Killed in Shooting CJN October 13, 2021 Shootings
Al Capone's Possessions Auctioned For $3.1 Million CJN October 13, 2021 Crime history
Violence Against Youth Continues to Rise CJN October 12, 2021 Gun violence
An Inside Look at the 'Troubled Teen Industry' CJN October 12, 2021 Juvenile Justice
Albuquerque Tests Whether Mental Health Team Can Save Lives CJN October 12, 2021 Mental Health
Miami Firing Chief Acevedo After Only Six Months CJN October 12, 2021 Policing
U.S. Wants to Keep MD Couple Jailed in Nuclear Sub Case CJN October 12, 2021 National Security
California Expands Protections for Journalists Covering Protests CJN October 12, 2021 Media
LA Trooper Ambushed, Killed in Shooting Spree CJN October 12, 2021 Shootings
Woman Accused of Selling Guns to Gang After Winning Large Settlement CJN October 12, 2021 Gangs
Trial Beginning For Giuliani Ex-Associate Lev Parnas CJN October 12, 2021 White Collar Crime
No Charge in Marshals' Killing of Black Man in Minneapolis CJN October 12, 2021 Police Shooting
Second Mental Evaluation for Accused CO Market Killer CJN October 12, 2021 Mass Shootings
City Officials Reverse Actions to Defund the Police CJN October 11, 2021 Policing
A Mixed Report on Community-Based Antiviolence Strategies CJN October 11, 2021 Crime prevention
Dayton Police Dragged Paraplegic Man From Car CJN October 11, 2021 Policing


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